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Healthmap Solutions Announces Puerto Rico Grand Opening


Expansion Brings Kidney Health Management Program, Jobs to Puerto Rico

March 13, 2024, Guaynabo, PR - Healthmap Solutions, Inc. (Healthmap), a leading kidney population health management company, has announced the Grand Opening of its new office in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. The official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony will be on Tuesday, March 26, at 8:30 am Atlantic Time at the company’s 6,887 sq. ft. leased facility in the City View Plaza at #48 PR State Road 165, Guaynabo. The event will feature opening remarks by Healthmap Chief Executive Officer Eric Reimer, Chief Growth Officer Tom Gaffney, and Nelson Perez Surillo, JD, Vice President of Operations in Puerto Rico. A reception will follow the ribbon-cutting with opportunities for media interviews.


The announcement was made by Mr. Reimer, who said, “The company’s expansion to Puerto Rico is a result of the partnership formed in 2023 with a new client based in San Juan. Through this partnership, we are introducing Healthmap’s proven, NCQA-accredited Kidney Population Health Management program to individuals in Puerto Rico living with chronic kidney disease.”


Healthmap’s Puerto Rico division is led by Nelson Perez Surillo, an experienced healthcare services professional. “Nelson manages our team of more than 70 full-time employees drawn from across the island, including expert nurses, dietitians, social workers, and other professionals, all of whom understand the culture and nuances of the market,” Mr. Reimer said. Medical Director Lisandro Montalvo-Burke, MD, a board-certified nephrologist who has been in practice in Canovanas, PR since 2005, will also support the Healthmap team’s clinical initiatives in the region.

The Florida-based company’s innovative Kidney Population Health Management program has been successful in improving care and lowering costs for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). According to Mr. Reimer, “The Healthmap team supports holistic, patient-centered CKD and ESRD care through collaboration with patients and a full spectrum of providers. Our focus is on engagement, early identification, slowing disease progression, and planned renal replacement therapy while reducing unneeded emergency visits, hospital admissions, and readmissions.

“We know that healthcare providers in Puerto Rico have significant workloads,” Mr. Reimer continued. “Our goal is to augment their ability to provide exceptional care and greater access to clinical programs without interrupting their workflow.”

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Healthmap Solutions is an NCQA-accredited Kidney Population Health Management company serving health plans, health systems, accountable care organizations, and provider groups seeking a value-based solution to improve the lives of Americans living with chronic kidney disease. Using its advanced predictive analytics technology and clinical expertise, Healthmap provides early kidney disease identification and recommends clinically proven interventions to delay or slow disease progression. Healthmap Care Navigation teams work with patients and the full spectrum of a health plan’s providers to maintain access, minimize disruption, and deliver personalized whole-person care from their trusted provider. Healthmap’s approach is to proactively plan care transitions and optimize renal replacement therapy, with a focus on in-home dialysis treatment and transplant. This approach improves care, outcomes, and patient experience while lowering total medical costs for health plans and provider groups.