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Health New England Partners with Healthmap Solutions to Provide Kidney Health Management Program to Members


November 5, 2020, TAMPA, FLORIDA — Health New England announced today a new partnership with Healthmap Solutions (Healthmap), an industry-leading Kidney Health Management (KHM) company. Effective December 1, 2020, the KHM program will be available to Health New England’s Medicare Advantage, Commercial and Medicaid members living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

“Chronic kidney disease is a progressive and usually silent condition that can end in tremendous debilitation, including a need for dialysis, which our members, particularly those with diabetes and/or hypertension, may be at risk for,” said Ira M. Klein, MD, MBA, FACP, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Health New England. “In my past work with the National Kidney Foundation in the creation of new quality metrics, I’ve seen how we need to raise awareness and management of this devastating disease, and I am excited to have Healthmap as our partner in Health New England’s advocacy to help our members achieve their best health goals.”

People living with CKD or ESRD often have co-morbid conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, which require multidisciplinary care, including extensive treatment and medication regimens to remain healthy for as long as possible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 37 million people in the United States live with CKD. Of that, 90% are typically unaware of their condition and many only learn of their diagnosis when they “crash” into dialysis in a hospital ER. At this point, the disease has progressed to its most serious stage, ESRD, which requires the patient to receive dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. An estimated 746,557 people are living with ESRD, and each year approximately 20,000 people are newly diagnosed. Caring for patients with CKD/ESRD is complex and costly. In 2017, Medicare alone spent $120 billion to care for people living with CKD and ESRD. Early detection, lifestyle changes, and treatment are the most effective means of managing the disease, delaying its progression, and enabling the patient to live a better life longer.

“Kidney disease is a widespread health care problem that is growing rapidly. Recent regulatory changes are driving much needed innovation and important advances in how we care for those living with this progressive, chronic condition, as well as prevent those most at risk from developing it,” said Eric Reimer, Chief Executive Officer at Healthmap Solutions. “At Healthmap Solutions, we share Health New England’s commitment to compassionate and life-improving kidney care. Our Kidney Health Management program delivers on this promise through whole patient care, supportive and collaborative partnerships with providers, and clinically proven treatment recommendations that improve care, member experiences and lower costs.”

Healthmap’s KHM program incorporates big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to identify people living with CKD. Combined with clinical expertise, the program provides health care providers with actionable, data-driven, clinically proven insights and patient-centered care recommendations. The company's multidisciplinary Care Navigation team collaborates with health care providers and specialists to coordinate patient care and recommend medication modifications as warranted. Additionally, the Care Navigation team connects with patients to provide the support and information needed to help manage their health care. The program results are measured and reported against outcome metrics, and modifications so care or treatment plans can be made to optimize quality health care outcomes and manage costs.

"Healthmap is driven by our passion and commitment to manage the important role our health plan clients ask us to play in improving the lives of their members with complex chronic conditions such as kidney disease," said Thomas P. Gaffney Jr., Healthmap Solutions’ Chief Growth Officer. "The KHM progam combines our population health management expertise with the clinical and technological acumen to provide a solution focused on cost-effective, clinical quality for members. The entire Healthmap team is looking forward to supporting Health New England, its providers and members requiring kidney health management services."

About Health New England

Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, Health New England is a not-for-profit health plan serving members in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Baystate Health, Health New England offers a range of health care plans in the commercial, Medicaid and Medicare markets. For more information, visit

About Healthmap Solutions

Healthmap Solutions is a leading Kidney Health Management (KHM) company. The company serves health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and provider groups seeking value-based solutions that improve the clinical care and financial performance of high-risk, high-cost kidney patient populations. Healthmap has a rich history forged in data and analytics, having begun as a health care data clearinghouse, and going on to add robust health analytics expertise. Today, Healthmap uses that experience to power a complex KHM program with its clinical experts. For more information, visit

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