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Healthmap Solutions to Provide Kidney Health Management Program to Florida Blue Medicare Members


APRIL 13, 2021, TAMPA, FL— Healthmap Solutions, Inc. (Healthmap), an industry-leading Kidney Health Management (KHM) company, announces a new partnership with Florida Blue Medicare, the state’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare company.

Effective May 1, 2021, Healthmap’s clinically-proven KHM program will be available to Florida Blue Medicare Advantage members living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD). 

The KHM program is a provider and member driven kidney care solution that emphasizes greater awareness and early identification for members with kidney disease. The program also provides support and education for those members who have end stage renal disease (ESRD) to optimize renal replacement therapy with a focus on in-home dialysis treatment and transplant for appropriate members. 

The program enhances the physician-to-member relationship to ensure a clinically appropriate and seamless transition between the stages of kidney disease, and preemptively intervenes to avoid adverse and costly health care events for members with kidney disease. It also connects patients to community required services that might be needed to maintain access to services to enhance the continuity of care. The result is improved health outcomes, improved health care, and a longer and better quality of life for the patient, which ultimately will also provide lower overall cost. 

“Kidney disease is a serious illness that requires close management and a deep understanding of its impact to so many systems in our body. Slowing disease progression, offering in-home therapies, and focusing on care coordination for our members are the hallmarks of this partnership,” said Dr. Elizabeth Malko, vice president and chief medical officer for Florida Blue Medicare.

Kidney disease is a pervasive, growing and costly health care issue in the United States that is under recognized, diagnosed and treated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 37 million people in the United States living with kidney disease, and 90% are unaware they have CKD until the disease progresses to its more serious stage, ESRD. 

An estimated 746,000 people are living with ESRD, and each year tens of thousands are newly diagnosed. Caring for patients with CKD/ESRD is complex, costly, and takes a significant toll on the patient and their caregivers. Medicare alone spent $120 billion in 2017 to care for people diagnosed with CKD and ESRD. Early detection, proper care and clinically-proven treatments are the most effective means of treating the disease, delaying its progression and enabling the patient to live a better and longer quality of life. 

“We are honored that Florida Blue Medicare has chosen to partner with Healthmap on this critically important program. We are intensely focused on improving the lives of CKD members. To be chosen by Florida Blue, an organization known for its emphasis on providing high quality care, is a testament to Healthmap’s value proposition,” said CEO and co-chairman of the Board Eric Reimer.

Healthmap’s KHM program incorporates big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to identify patients living with CKD. Combined with clinical expertise, the program provides health care providers with actionable, data-driven, clinically proven insights and patient-centered care recommendations. 

The company's multidisciplinary Care Navigation team collaborates with health care providers to coordinate patient care and recommend services that can help to improve physical and mental health. Additionally, the Care Navigation team connects with patients to provide the support and information needed to help manage their health care. The program results are measured and reported against program metrics, which will optimize quality health care outcomes and improve total medical expense for the kidney population.


About Healthmap Solutions

Healthmap Solutions is an NCQA accredited Kidney Health Management (KHM) company serving health plans, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and provider groups seeking value-based solutions that improve the clinical care and financial performance of high-risk, high-cost kidney patient populations. The company has a rich history forged in data and analytics, having begun as a healthcare data clearinghouse, and later adding robust health analytics expertise. Today, Healthmap Solutions uses that experience to power a complex KHM program with its clinical experts. For more information visit



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