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Leading Kidney Health Management Company Healthmap Solutions Earns NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidation Status


Tampa, FL – Kidney health management industry leader Healthmap Solutions Inc. (Healthmap) announced today that it has earned Population Health Management (PHM) in Health Plan Accreditation Prevalidation status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for its IT platform, Compass v6 and future versions of the Compass IT platform. The product was awarded under the standards year of 2019. Population Health Management Prevalidation is designed to help health plans and other organizations identify health IT solutions that alleviate or increase the efficiency of administrative tasks to meet Population Health Management requirements in Health Plan Accreditation.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Prence, Healthmap’s Chief Clinical Quality Officer, “We sought PHM prevalidation because population health aligns with our focus on providing individualized care recommendations based on a person’s risk and overall physical and psychosocial needs, rather than a standard approach for everyone with a certain condition.  This approach provides higher quality and more cost-effective care.  As evidenced by NCQA’s recent decision to transition their Disease Management accreditation and certification programs to Population Health prevalidation and accreditation programs, Healthmap’s decision puts us at the forefront of person-centered care models.”

Healthmap utilizes its proprietary Compass IT platform to apply its prevalidation analytics to a population of people who are chronically ill with kidney disease.  Healthmap then utilizes its superior predictive analytics to provide oversight and collaboration with Nephrologists, Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), and other care management constituents to ensure all interactions are focused on improving a patient’s quality of care. Our predictive analytics identifies members likely to require long-term dialysis which allows Healthmap to guide them in the proactive exploration of renal replacement therapy alternatives prior to needing dialysis, resulting in a better quality of life for the member and improved outcomes at a lower cost. Our patient-centric approach results in Healthmap’s best in class Kidney Population Health management model which has resulted in clinical enhancements to slow the progress of kidney disease while also achieving increased savings.

“The Compass platform coupled with our multidiscipline Care Navigation team allows Healthmap to identify patients with chronic kidney disease and apply evidence-based guidelines at a patient specific level in order to address their physical, behavioral and social determinants of health needs at scale. The technology foundation of our program is a requirement when addressing a geographically distributed population receiving care from a fragmented delivery system,” said Andrew Wall, Healthmap President and Chief Operating Officer. “Healthmap’s clinical expertise and technology ensures that these patients receive preventative and proactive care that helps keep them out of the hospital.”

NCQA Population Health Management Prevalidation includes a rigorous evaluation of a submitted health IT solution’s functionality, including, but not limited to, reporting functions, report examples, screen shots, live demonstrations and other relevant documentation.

About Healthmap

Healthmap is a kidney health management company serving health plans, including Medicare Advantage and employer-sponsored plans, as well as accountable care organizations (ACOs) and provider groups seeking value-based solutions that improve the clinical and financial performance for high-risk, high-cost kidney patient populations. The company has a rich history forged in data and analytics, having begun as a healthcare data clearing house, adding robust healthcare analytics expertise, and today Healthmap uses that experience to power complex kidney health management programs with its clinical experts. The company also provides similar integrated programs across the full range of specialty health population management.  For more information email

About NCQA

NCQA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations and recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA’s website ( contains information to help consumers, employers and others make informed health care choices.