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Vator.TV Podcast: How Healthmap is Using Advanced IT to Improve Kidney Disease Management


As part of a series on how technology is changing healthcare, VatorNews recently invited Healthmap Solutions CEO Eric Reimer to join them for a one-hour podcast interview. The focus was on Healthmap’s innovative use of information technology to improve the efficiency and success of kidney disease care management.

Among the topics covered:

  • Healthmap’s use of proprietary data mining and analytics to identify individuals who aren’t being treated or whose treatment is suboptimal.
  • How Healthmap combines best clinical practices with all available information (data from pharmacy, labs, claims, and members) to develop individual care plans.
  • How Healthmap’s management solution integrates care among all providers to improve treatment.
  • Where payers will typically see significant cost savings.
You can listen to the podcast here:

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We’ve also created a transcript of the podcast for your convenience, which you can download hereDOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPT HERE