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The Importance of In-Home Dialysis in Value-Based ESRD Care


When kidneys become diseased to the point they cannot adequately filter the blood, their function must be supplemented or substituted. Today there are three options available to treat the kidneys:

  • Kidney transplantation
  • In-center dialysis
  • In-home dialysis
Thanks to evolving technology, in-home dialysis has become an increasingly viable option for those with ESRD, as it offers a number of significant provider and patient benefits compared to in-center treatment.

In-home dialysis eliminates the time and frustration of scheduling three trips a week, every week, to a dialysis center. Instead, patients can set their own schedule and perform the procedure at a time that works for them (even while they sleep). They don’t have to take time off from work or miss other commitments. Self-scheduled, in-home dialysis is also an advantage to patients who rely on public transportation or are otherwise limited in their ability to travel.

By performing dialysis at home, patients can receive more frequent treatment. Studies have indicated that frequent dialysis better mimics the kidney’s natural functions and results in multiple improved outcomes. For example, many patients will experience better blood pressure control, even to the point of being able to reduce or stop taking blood pressure medicines. Frequent dialysis is thought to improve heart function, too, and might help individuals live healthy and longer lives while on dialysis.

For providers, a common advantage is the ability to quickly introduce dialysis services to the patient for rapid treatment, leading to greater treatment adherence and notably better outcomes, the essence of value-based care.

Our goal at Healthmap Solutions mirrors that of the President’s Executive Order (July 2019) which focuses on “Advancing American Kidney Health” which is to increase the number of ESRD patients opting for in-home dialysis. Our expert care teams work closely with our providers and patients to build a greater understanding of the use of in-home dialysis with a particular emphasis on addressing patient concerns regarding its safety and efficacy, the ability of the patient or caregiver to self-administer dialysis without expert supervision, and the effects it will have on their Quality of Life.

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